Friday, June 25, 2004

Why Isn't Anyone Saying This?

For those of you who've just joined me, so to speak, you may be under the impression that I'm some old skool Democrat of the Proud Donkey tradition. If that's the impression you've gotten, pack it in, it doesn't fit. Long-time readers know I don't have any affiliation and have said some rather unkind things about the Democrats in past posts; I really take them to task. Necessity has made me an ABB voter and anti-Nader, something I wouldn't have said a year or so ago. The preznit has driven this far-left crackpot to the center.

With that said, one of the things that is infuriating me is the Dem's/Kerry's inability to deal with issues head on. The same damn thing that's been happening for over 20 years, since Jimmy Carter got shellacked by Zombie Ronnie. With few exceptions, Democrats have been hiding from the "lib-ruhl" label and playing conciliatory games with the Right at the expense of working people and the progressive agenda. The latest hide-the-sausage slight of hand they've been shucking is addressing the economic growth of the last 10 months.

It's a ball that Bu$hCo believes is in it's court, Kerry won't bother to steal it, they got the ball, Democrats have no balls... huh? Well why not steal the goddamn ball?

First of all, the Cabal of Thugs report some pretty hinkey numbers in order to justify the tax cuts - new jobs, blah blah blah. Yeah, but this is an administration that will still have an aggragate loss of almost 2 million jobs (after adding in the jobs created) and almost 10% unemployed (in REAL numbers, not phoney-baloney DoL numbers). 1 in 10 is out of a job, you'd think that might hurt Bush. And it's not like Kerry is running away from those numbers.

Still, there is a "recovery" going on, a scintilla of economic growth that the Kerry camp kind of coughs and rubs their hands at before they change the subject. Pipsqueak growth, in fact,

The Commerce Department surprised economists with a downward revision to first-quarter gross domestic product, cutting economic growth to a 3.9 percent annual rate from the 4.4 percent reported a month ago. Wall Street analysts had not expected the Commerce Department to change the GDP estimate.

but enough for the Thug Cabal to point to and yammer, "See? SEE?!? We told you tax cuts for the rich would boost the economy!" What they aren't telling us is how much of that growth is attributed to a Wartime Economy.

Remember that? Remember how, before the war started, a few protesters insisted that this administration was going to war just to jump-start the economy? And how a lot of pro-Bush/War pinheads pulled the argument of Wartime Economy out as their last refuge, scoundrel-wise? Thing is... it's TRUE.

Hell, anybody with access to The History Channel knows that when this country goes to war (Civil War included), people get rich - with or without the benefit of being vice-preznit. After people right and left bitched about our troops not having sufficient body armor and that humvees were vulnerable to roadside bombs, our patriotic corporate executives got to work on those problems... see?

Never mind that a sizable chunk of the money is being sheltered off-shore... hell, mer-kins are at work again, got it? Haliburton is hiring like crazy... sorry if you just got pink-slipped from MCI but you may want to think about a "short-term commitment" with the National Guard.

Now it seems like EVERYONE, Right and Left, mull this economic upswing, either overstating it or looking at it like it was some bastard child come to grub, mumbling about it being 'cyclic' or praising it as a "miracle of free-market economics" (cuz, you know, no one has yet to provide me proof that tax cuts for the rich have led to long-term economic growth). Lip-service all around and no one wants the reals when the answer is right there in their fucking face.

The problem I have is that the Right isn't honest enough to admit that this small blip is due to deficit spending allocated towards war material while the Left (and the Democrats who once held a place on the Left) isn't honest enough to acknowledge that, yes, there's economic growth but it's only because we're killing a couple dozen or so American women and men every week, if it wasn't for wartime development we'd be happy to be shining the hubcaps of some asshole's Rolls Royce.


If Bush stands a chance in November, it's because he's diverted attention from the failure of the war to the "success" of the economy. Therefore, all Democrats need do is point out that the economy is PROBABLY due to the war (I'll explain in a minute), thus... POINTING BACK TO THE FAILURE OF THE WAR. It didn't take me five beers to figure that out, believe me. It's obvious that the Administration has no say on national security, comparing war records is absurd, during the debates Bush is going to look like the stoner kid in geometry class... all they have left is the economy and... well, I just told you how this all comes full circle.

"PROBABLY due to the war" - make it a soft sell. Let people decide for themselves if the lives of their sons and daughters are worth the creation of jobs... "Yeah, well EVERYONE knows war drives an economy but look at the war you took us into...", an apparently (by today's polls) increasingly unpopular war. Mer-kins can see that this economic recovery is half-assed (1 in 10 chance they're unemployed, hell) and that the numbers they hear on the nooze are baked, abstractions, utter shit.

All the Kerry ads in Colorado have been positive, "I'm John Kerry, this is my plan, yadda..." but all the Bush ads are negative: "John Kerry wants to use your paycheck to finance a peccadillo between your wife and Bill Clinton." Something like that... anyone anywhere else see it differently (is Kerry only going ALL POSITIVE in Colorado?). So the Kerry campaign is already into the soft sell stuff, as I see it, there's no need to hammer this issue; people can see it for themselves.

On the topic of seeing it for themselves, I didn't get to go see FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (got the kids, too young to take) but friends have and all of them say it was excellent, better than BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, take someone who's sitting on the fence for this election, they'll be PISSED. Get your tickets and go to the show...

Show? In Denver at Eck's Saloon....

She doesn't look fat...

So This Is What You Get

I give you a glimpse of my new hottie wife, Janeane Garofolo - kneel down and adore her, all of you. And kneel down to thank me.

Janeane says it... well, WELL. This interview (on The Advocate via Buzzflash) explains why she is having my children. Sort of. Well, not at all, in fact, but read it, she's too cool, my kids or not.

So, if you read her, you'll see what a dumbell I really am. Really. I'm not that smart of a guy.

This isn't fake humility (although I fake it well) because it's true. There's a bunchabetter web sites dealing with politics (and I link em' over on the right... well, they're LEFT but they're linked on the right, I kinda' doesn't matter where I linked em') and I hope my readers are reading those links. They're all excellent sites, some well-written, all informative, every single one funded by the vast left-wing conspiracy to further flouridate water and make Hillary Clinton Queen of Queer As Folk.

Well, maybe my readers don't ALWAYS click links, I think, and maybe my site educates those who don't - well, don't look at those links. They want the perspective of some half-pint pundit punkrockerwannabe. Pathetic, I know, but you have to look at all sides of the argument.

I know I don't know.

I don't know but I think, think this is going to be a suprising summer, not dead newswise. In fact, I think there's going to be some unreal shit going on: a middle-east more de-stabilized by our arrogance and aggression, a veritable field day for terrorists in Athens and Boston (site of the Democratic National Convention), wildfires in the west (of course) but BAD fucking wildfires, Michael Moore's movie, playing "Don't Plame Me" in the whitehouse... if there isn't a meltdown in this country this summer, particularly, a meltdown in this administration, and I don't see a bunch of tightasses holding there rectums as they run for the head - well, fuck it, I'm heading to France. Read me in October and tell if I'm I'm wrong but I'm NEVER wrong about this kind of stuff.

My question is, do you need to hear it from me? I say no but I don't want to do a disservice to Boondoggle by taking up their space with my political rants. My argument is, you can get all this political stuff elsewhere. So maybe I should just use this space to "muse" (like a cyber Peggy Hill) and leave the politics to the pros.

What do you say?

If you're reading me on Everything You Know Is Wrong, you can just comment at the bottom, click on the 'comment' link, it's not rocket science. If you're reading me on the Boondoggle web site, you'll have to email me as usual... if you can't figure any of that out, the email address is (for Boondoggle readers, I know it's the same addy for blogger readers). I guess I'll take votes and input until, well, July 4th - what a day for free speech, while we have it, at least some semblance of it, eh, Herr Ashcroft? Heil, Bush.

If you're reading me... and I feel like I'm on a Ham-fucking-Radio in the thirties, "IF YOU'RE READING ME, this is dangerous and our country is in some serious shit!"... if you're reading me, you KNOW I'm not going to sit still when Junior insists on fucking up. Just can't do it, wouldn't be prudent. If you have a barrel full of fish, I have a thirty-eight. Just naw naw naw on political stuff ALL THE TIME, that's what I'm Sayin...

BTW, I've got a date to be in Denver at Eck's Saloon on the 29th, this Tuesday. If you see me there, you can weigh into me with your vote. In fact, just see me there, the girl and the boys will be happy you did.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

If I said I Fucked Brody Dalle, Does It Mean I Really Fucked Brody Dalle?

Wish in one hand, shit in the other, yeah, yeah, yeah...

I guess Cheney thinks we're all children in this country, that if he insists Santa Claus exists, we're all going to nod and say, "Yeah, Uncle Dick, there is a Santa Claus." Cheney should have bailed when the going was good and dumped the Preznit before he ended up looking like a short-changed chump.

So the 9/11 Commission reports there's no link between bin Laden and Saddam but Cheney and Bush hold tight to the lie and say, "Is!" Hmmmmm... now, if I can recall this playground game, either you answer "Isn't" and continue on this infinite regress or you demand, "Prove it!"

A gambit I don't think Bu$hCo is prepared to confront. Bush, Cheney, and Rice insist that there's "ample evidence" that significant connections can be made between Iraq and Al Qaeda... uh, so where are they? Is this some kind of magic trick? Pull a rabbit out of a hat or pull your head out of your ass?

Andrew C. McCarthy at the NRO seems to think he's got all the evidence Bu$hCo needs and... well, golly, am I the only one who thinks this palaver is WEAK? If this is the extent of the evidence (and it's hardly evidence, it's more like "he said, she said"), then the administration needs to just rat itself out and admit, "Yeah, we were just making shit up, we bought Chalbi's crap and realized we were fucked. We got screwed, folks.... sorry about your kids DYING..."

Look, just because Bush/Cheney says it's so, don't make it so... alas, the same is to be said of myself and Brody Dalle. However, me not actually getting laid by Ms. Dalle doesn't play into Al Qaeda's hands as Bu$hCo's shit is about to do:

A senior US intelligence official is about to publish a bitter condemnation of America's counter-terrorism policy, arguing that the west is losing the war against al-Qaida and that an "avaricious, premeditated, unprovoked" war in Iraq has played into Osama bin Laden's hands.

Wonderful. Get ready for the next big thing from angry arabs. At least with Brody and me, we make love, not war.

Is it the "Nazi Bullshit Corporation"? Matt Lauer Gets Tweek-y With Moore on Dateline While Tweety Gets Maudlin With Ron Reagan

You can get the transcript from Tonight's Dateline here or you can get a partial transcript from Drudge and see what that dumbfuck wants you to read. It pretty much doesn't matter; what you get at NBC is what those whores want you to see and no more (excuse the pun). You know they edited the shit out of this thing.

Matt Lauer was a pip, though; I thought he was going to bust a vein in his head, blast off the ugly chair and start wailing on fat ol' Mike. Christ, with that pseudo-skinhead faux wannabe soldier boy haircut, he was the poster boy of the Right Wing thugs I wrote about in the last post.

Lauer was visibly PISSED; so much for "objective" journalism. If there were any doubts about how far NBC was up Bu$hCo's ass, all you had to see was how frothing-at-the-mouth-shut-yer-goddamn-pie-hole-ya-commie-faggot Mr. Matt was in this interview. I bet he was double-timing it at the gym to get his piddling reserves of testosterone pumped for THIS interview.

For his part, Fat Mike took Lauer to the mat (again, sorry for the pun) and pinned his puny ass:

Moore: "You know I've been sitting here for like the last 20 minutes thinking, man, if he would have only asked Bush administration officials these kind of hard questions in the weeks leading up to the war, and then when the war started, maybe there wouldn't be a war. Because the American people, once given the truth, you know the old saying from Abraham Lincoln, give the people the facts and the Republic will be safe."

Obviously, this got by the NBC editors after they'd squandered their meager intellects slicing and dicing the previous 19 minutes (which amounted to about 12 minutes of video on the floor). The seven minutes we got amounted to Michael Moore saying, "Yeah, I just don't like Bush," and Matt Lauer growling like he thought he was a real man or something.

It was unfuckingbelievable. What was more unfuckingbelievable is that I held out to watch Tweety interview Ron Reagan and ask the hard questions, like:

Tweety: Have you noticed that the sun doesn't shine nearly as bright since your dad's ass is underground?


Tweety: Don't you think, in this light, with my head turned this way, that I look a little like Jane Wyman?

Ron said he'd like history to remember that his dad was a "good man" which I think translates into "a simple man" and yes, we can all agree on that (post translation). Likewise, NBC obviously wants us to remember that it has left its mouth open for any Right Wing cock to insert itself at its pleasure.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Lori Haigh after engaging in reasoned "discourse" with a Bush supporter.

Discourse? You mean there's discourse?

Maybe it's summer time and there's not much to report. Maybe the incompetence of Bu$hCo thugs has become so banal it almost seems redundant to comment on their latest fuck up. I can't figure what's up in my kitchen much less within the blogosphere but it seems that recently I've seen some whining here and there about the sorry state of discourse in this country.

Clinton brought it up, a bit, when he spoke at the White House for the unveiling of his portrait, that we need to "return to vigorous debate about who's right and wrong, not who's good and bad". David Brooks at the NY Times has threatened he'll weigh in with his insight on this matter. The Daily Howler takes Brooksie to task most of this week and points out the fairly obvious...

Are you getting the sense that I'm going to piss in this campfire? Yeah, well, if you've read me for the past three years in my other blog, you know that I'm not convinced there's a lot you can say to someone on the right unless you first hit em' up with a load from a tranqulizer gun. As I've maintained these past few years, Progressives tend to base their arguments on reason while the Right is informed almost entirely by belief and emotion (and indulge in numerous logical fallacies in order to endow their arguments with characteristic stupidity). Ergo, discourse is impossible because "discourse" is based on - REASON.

After I started writing this last night, I began to realize it was looking like a thesis and not a blog. Screw that, I don't need a grade. But if I was going to grade Conservatives, whiny bitches they are, on the sorry state of discourse they moan and gnash teeth over, I'd give them an 'F'. Because all you have to do is look around and see that they're behaving like Nazi SS thugs.

Remember the "spontaneous protest" in Miami after the 2000 Presidential election that helped stop the announced manual recount of the 10,750 undervote in Miami-Dade County? I remember the images so well, Oxford-shirted Power-tied no-necked dittoheads frothing at the mouth and acting like drunken frat boys on a rampage. And we were supposed to believe these were outraged citizens who had spontaneously come together to riot AGAINST the democratic process... remember?

Instigated by an order from New York congressman John Sweeney to "shut it down," dozens of screaming GOP demonstrators pounded on doors and a picture window at elections headquarters.

The mob gang-rushed a local Democrat carrying a blank sample ballot. They threatened that a thousand Cubans were on their way to the headquarters to stop the count. Several people were "trampled, punched or kicked," according to The New York Times. The canvassing board chair at first conceded that mob pressures played a role in the shutdown—which cost Gore the 168 votes as well—but later reversed his position.

Yeah, it was such a "spontaneous" show of support for Bu$hCo stealing an election except that the Bush organization spent about $1.2 million to fly operatives to Florida to riot.

For me, that was a hint at how civilized these apes would behave, in the interest of "discourse".

Now fast forward to the past few weeks. The picture at the beginning of this entry should be enough to make your stomach churn, it's the image of Lori Haigh, owner of Capobianco Gallery in North Beach, San Francisco, was spat on and knocked unconscious for exhibiting artwork highlighting the torture of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. The assault came after two weeks of escalating threats by extreme right-wing elements.

Or just this past week when Bon Jovi raised $1 Million for Kerry and got death threats for his trouble:

Musician Jon Bon Jovi says criticism and intimidation won't stop him from speaking out in support of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who raised $1 million at the singer's home Monday night. ``I've received hate mail at my house. I've had people drive by my home and shout things out,'' Bon Jovi told guests gathered outside his home along the Navesink River. ``And I think that they question my patriotism because I decided to stand up and have a voice. And I stood up to have a voice because I think that's the most American thing that you can do.''

Oh, those brave, noble conservatives, calling up rock singers and making anonymous death threats, while still making time to whimper about the polarization of discourse in this country...

Discourse? You mean there's discourse? Who's defining "discourse"? When we get the next Nobel Laureate (NOT) Bill O'Reilly comparing Michael Moore and Al Franken to Goebbels while comparing Hollywood celebs to the Nazi faithful, as his listeners drive around New Jersey making threats or punching women out in San Francisco. It seems pretty goddamned stupid to ask, "What happened to civil discourse in this country?" Drudge asks ESPN to censor Hunter S. Thompson, followed by the fuckwits in Freeperville taking HST to task with what amounts to name-calling without providing a single, cogent counter-argument... I mean really, REALLY, do I need some shit-for-brains wingnut to give me a black eye to get the sense of what's happened to discourse in this country?

YOU tell me....

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

All Hail, the One-Eyed King...

There's nothing like the feeling that I have my finger on the pulse of SOMETHING... I don't care what it is, organic or abstract, it at least gives me the sense that sometimes I know something.

If you got a look at the last post on my other blog (06/10/2004 7:59 PM -- Lies), you saw the text of a letter that I sent to the CSIndy and the News Director at KKTV pretty much saying:

The noble thing, the truly journalistic thing would be for KKTV to report what it honestly knows: "Look folks, we're aware that most of you believe Iraq had something to do with terrorism but it just ain't so - we were ALL lied to. We're not the smartest news station but we have some integrity and we're here to tell you that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, well, that is, at least not until we "liberated" that country. So we're sorry for repeating the lie and we hope you'll quit believing it."

So today we get a report from the 9/11 Commission that there was no credible link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Well, surprise, surprise, the major news outlets are all over the story looking like they're reporting, with awe and enthusiasm, that "Scientists affirm that Oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas!".

OK, so I was right, yeah, so what. Nobody likes Mr. Smarty-pants when he's playing "I told you so". No, I'm not here to show off my woodie on being right, only because this is not the end of the story. Because, according to a recent PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll, 57 percent of Americans believe Iraq was substantially supporting al Qaeda or was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks and that

(t)hese beliefs are highly related to support for the war. Among those who believed that Iraq was providing support to al Qaeda, 70 percent said that going to war with Iraq was the right decision and 54 percent said it was the best thing to do. Among those who did not have such a belief, only 35 percent said it was the right thing and 22 percent said it was the best thing to do.

This has to relate to our prestige in the world, as if the rest of the world could point to us and say, "Most Americans believe in Santa Claus." That's embarassing - or should be. Honestly, I get the sense that a lot of Americans just don't care, that Preznit Chimp caught a sense of some very scary zeitgeist by pissing all over our alliances and going about this alone.

What's scariest about Bu$hCo is the determination to follow through on what he thinks is right, fuck what anybody else thinks. He believes Jesus is his guide and he really doesn't give two shits about Democracy or the Constitution. What we need is for most Americans to believe THAT, that Bush is bad for this country and more dangerous to the US than Saddam Hussein or Al Qaeda could ever be.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Anger Management is my agenda.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

It's All About Results, Motherfuckers

See... stick to your goddamn guns and the Universe turns and nods, "Yes, you're doing just fine, son (daughter), this thing EVOLVES despite the machinations of the ludites and philistines."

As Bartcop calls it, "The Invisible Cloud Being" answers our prayers in many ways - for instance, I just won the fucking powerball and now I'm a mega-fucking-millionaire. No shit. I can buy Halliburton and still have change to pay Rush Limbaugh's alimony AND a sack of Herr O'Winn to tide Vulgar Pigboy over until his next jones.

What I'm talkin' about is the endevour proscribed in the last post: writing to theatres to not let them think that wingnuts aren't the only webmaniacs who give two shits.

because Skip Huston writes back to me in response to my email (hey, fuck you all, I walk my talk) with

Thanks for your support!
We need to hear from more of the good guys!

Which says to me that ONLY THE BAD GUYS HAVE BEEN WRITING, y'know what I mean? So get off yer' apathetic asses, read my last post, and EMAIL fer chrissake... don'tcha bitch if Dubya steals another election through Brother Jeb when ya' didn't WRITE!

It's NOT MAGIC, dumbass, you just have to ACT!

Meet Mr. Master-of-the-Obvious!

Let me get this out of the way quickly before I get back to biz-ness, K?

Welcome to all my readers from the boonie blog and I hope you'll keep coming here. The boonie blog had some technical issues that 'webmaker' didn't have time to address - and I wasn't inclined to hold back and wait for those issues to get fixed. I hope they will get fixed, it would be nice to be able to post in both places.

There. All the niceties are out of the way and I can return to being the asshole you all know and can barely tolerate.

After grabbing my morning Barrel-o'-kawfee and stuffing the kids with Pop Tarts and stale burritos (steeped in milk - I am a good dad, afterall), I went surfing to my standard stops on the web. One of the first things I saw on Blah3 was this tidbit about how the wingnuts are trying to shut down Michael Moore's new film through their crappy little website. As Blah3 recommends (and I concur):

On that site, there is a list of email addresses for theater chains which have committed to showing the film, as well as chains that are still undecided.

Use the list. Send thanks to those who support freedom of speech in this country, and encouragement to those who have not yet made the decision to do so. Thank you.

Ever notice how a pathetic number of Conservatives are all too willing to call an anti-war American "un-patriotic" and "coward" without a second thought? Folks, in Psychology this is known as "Projection":

Projection is one of the defense mechanisms identified by Freud and still acknowledged today. According to Freud, projection is when someone is threatened by or afraid of their own impulses so they attribute these impulses to someone else. For example, a person in psychoanalysis may insist to the therapist that he knows the therapist wants to rape some women, when in fact the client has these awful feelings to rape the woman.

Honest, open discourse frightens these conservatives, so they seek to shut it down. Cowardice? That's what I call it; "Intellectual Cowardice", to be specific. Anything outside their narrow, black & white view of the Universe disgusts them, scares them, sends them running into a pack to organize a boycott or babble mindlessly on their freeper discussion board.

If you wish to see the precedent for this, you need not look any further than the Preznit and his administration. Atrios trenchantly points this out in today's post looking back at AssCrack's testimony regarding ThugCo's policy for "information extraction" of Iraqi prisoners. Essentially, AssCrack indulges in a bit of Inter-rectal Cranail Insertion while one could cook crepes on the White House document shredders.

The country I grew up in was touted as a place where my Freedom of Speech was not only potected, it was sacrosanct. The Founding Fathers knew that free speech would not only make our country strong (through the infusion of new ideas, a 'new idea' being the philosphical underpinning of our country) but would keep the country honest - honesty is not the hallmark of any dictatorship. The anti-free speech Conservatives have either forgotten this or prefer a dictatorship (there is a compelling reason to believe that many Conservatives would like nothing more than to institute a Theocratic Christian Dictatorship). As such, eschewing free speech (and attempting to stifle free speech when it contradicts their own ideas) makes these Conservatives un-patriotic.

I'm calling myself Mr. Master-of-the-Obvious today because all of this seems awfully fucking self-evident; it's not a stretch. Likewise, it should be painfully obvious that it's high time to take our country back, the anti-free speech Conservatives have dominated our national dialogue for too long while their boy in the White House wipes his ass with our Constitution on a daily basis. All we have to do is take a little action...

Things to do TODAY:
Take Blah3's suggestion and email a note of support to the theatres listed by the Fuckwits and show them they have much more support than the unpatriotic cowards would lead them to believe. I wrote:

Subject: I support - and want to see - “Fahrenheit 9/11”!!!
I was appalled to learn that the tiny minds at were attempting to pressure your theatres from showing “Fahrenheit 9/11”; I was DISGUSTED to learn that some theatres and their employees had received threats from idiots who had less interest in the forces of the free market and our Constitutional right to free speech than in wrapping themselves in a flag of fear.

For myself, I applaud any theatre that decides to show “Fahrenheit 9/11” and I can assure you that theatres that DO show “Fahrenheit 9/11” will appreciate the ticket sales this movie will certainly generate. I have faith in the American people and their commitment to the truth. Unlike the unpatriotic cowards at, I believe most Americans aren't afraid of knowing what their government is up to and resent it when the truth is withheld from them. As such, “Fahrenheit 9/11”, although a documentary, will probably set records.

Please don't allow the forces of these closed-minded and un-American thugs influence your decision to show this important and award-winning film.

Don't copy my text (I don't want them to think they're being spammed), I have faith that my readers, if nothing else, think for themselves. If you want a quick-and-easy 'BCC:' list, email me and I'll send you back a Notepad file that you can copy and paste into your 'BCC:' fields.

While you're at it, and emailing folks, Email the fuckwits, as I did:

"Un-American" is, shit-for-brains, stifling free-expression; remember that little American document called "The Constitution"?

If Conservatives had the mental wherewithal to produce their own movie, say, "Bush in NOT a Liar", I wouldn't call for a boycott.

See, Progressives thrive on the free exchange of ideas. Conservatives fear it.

You intellectual cowards...

You can copy that if you want, I could care less what those Fucktards think (hell, I'm not convinced they CAN think!).

2 things to do today - I think you can handle it. Get emailing...