Sunday, June 13, 2004

It's All About Results, Motherfuckers

See... stick to your goddamn guns and the Universe turns and nods, "Yes, you're doing just fine, son (daughter), this thing EVOLVES despite the machinations of the ludites and philistines."

As Bartcop calls it, "The Invisible Cloud Being" answers our prayers in many ways - for instance, I just won the fucking powerball and now I'm a mega-fucking-millionaire. No shit. I can buy Halliburton and still have change to pay Rush Limbaugh's alimony AND a sack of Herr O'Winn to tide Vulgar Pigboy over until his next jones.

What I'm talkin' about is the endevour proscribed in the last post: writing to theatres to not let them think that wingnuts aren't the only webmaniacs who give two shits.

because Skip Huston writes back to me in response to my email (hey, fuck you all, I walk my talk) with

Thanks for your support!
We need to hear from more of the good guys!

Which says to me that ONLY THE BAD GUYS HAVE BEEN WRITING, y'know what I mean? So get off yer' apathetic asses, read my last post, and EMAIL fer chrissake... don'tcha bitch if Dubya steals another election through Brother Jeb when ya' didn't WRITE!

It's NOT MAGIC, dumbass, you just have to ACT!


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