Saturday, June 19, 2004

Is it the "Nazi Bullshit Corporation"? Matt Lauer Gets Tweek-y With Moore on Dateline While Tweety Gets Maudlin With Ron Reagan

You can get the transcript from Tonight's Dateline here or you can get a partial transcript from Drudge and see what that dumbfuck wants you to read. It pretty much doesn't matter; what you get at NBC is what those whores want you to see and no more (excuse the pun). You know they edited the shit out of this thing.

Matt Lauer was a pip, though; I thought he was going to bust a vein in his head, blast off the ugly chair and start wailing on fat ol' Mike. Christ, with that pseudo-skinhead faux wannabe soldier boy haircut, he was the poster boy of the Right Wing thugs I wrote about in the last post.

Lauer was visibly PISSED; so much for "objective" journalism. If there were any doubts about how far NBC was up Bu$hCo's ass, all you had to see was how frothing-at-the-mouth-shut-yer-goddamn-pie-hole-ya-commie-faggot Mr. Matt was in this interview. I bet he was double-timing it at the gym to get his piddling reserves of testosterone pumped for THIS interview.

For his part, Fat Mike took Lauer to the mat (again, sorry for the pun) and pinned his puny ass:

Moore: "You know I've been sitting here for like the last 20 minutes thinking, man, if he would have only asked Bush administration officials these kind of hard questions in the weeks leading up to the war, and then when the war started, maybe there wouldn't be a war. Because the American people, once given the truth, you know the old saying from Abraham Lincoln, give the people the facts and the Republic will be safe."

Obviously, this got by the NBC editors after they'd squandered their meager intellects slicing and dicing the previous 19 minutes (which amounted to about 12 minutes of video on the floor). The seven minutes we got amounted to Michael Moore saying, "Yeah, I just don't like Bush," and Matt Lauer growling like he thought he was a real man or something.

It was unfuckingbelievable. What was more unfuckingbelievable is that I held out to watch Tweety interview Ron Reagan and ask the hard questions, like:

Tweety: Have you noticed that the sun doesn't shine nearly as bright since your dad's ass is underground?


Tweety: Don't you think, in this light, with my head turned this way, that I look a little like Jane Wyman?

Ron said he'd like history to remember that his dad was a "good man" which I think translates into "a simple man" and yes, we can all agree on that (post translation). Likewise, NBC obviously wants us to remember that it has left its mouth open for any Right Wing cock to insert itself at its pleasure.


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