Friday, June 25, 2004

So This Is What You Get

I give you a glimpse of my new hottie wife, Janeane Garofolo - kneel down and adore her, all of you. And kneel down to thank me.

Janeane says it... well, WELL. This interview (on The Advocate via Buzzflash) explains why she is having my children. Sort of. Well, not at all, in fact, but read it, she's too cool, my kids or not.

So, if you read her, you'll see what a dumbell I really am. Really. I'm not that smart of a guy.

This isn't fake humility (although I fake it well) because it's true. There's a bunchabetter web sites dealing with politics (and I link em' over on the right... well, they're LEFT but they're linked on the right, I kinda' doesn't matter where I linked em') and I hope my readers are reading those links. They're all excellent sites, some well-written, all informative, every single one funded by the vast left-wing conspiracy to further flouridate water and make Hillary Clinton Queen of Queer As Folk.

Well, maybe my readers don't ALWAYS click links, I think, and maybe my site educates those who don't - well, don't look at those links. They want the perspective of some half-pint pundit punkrockerwannabe. Pathetic, I know, but you have to look at all sides of the argument.

I know I don't know.

I don't know but I think, think this is going to be a suprising summer, not dead newswise. In fact, I think there's going to be some unreal shit going on: a middle-east more de-stabilized by our arrogance and aggression, a veritable field day for terrorists in Athens and Boston (site of the Democratic National Convention), wildfires in the west (of course) but BAD fucking wildfires, Michael Moore's movie, playing "Don't Plame Me" in the whitehouse... if there isn't a meltdown in this country this summer, particularly, a meltdown in this administration, and I don't see a bunch of tightasses holding there rectums as they run for the head - well, fuck it, I'm heading to France. Read me in October and tell if I'm I'm wrong but I'm NEVER wrong about this kind of stuff.

My question is, do you need to hear it from me? I say no but I don't want to do a disservice to Boondoggle by taking up their space with my political rants. My argument is, you can get all this political stuff elsewhere. So maybe I should just use this space to "muse" (like a cyber Peggy Hill) and leave the politics to the pros.

What do you say?

If you're reading me on Everything You Know Is Wrong, you can just comment at the bottom, click on the 'comment' link, it's not rocket science. If you're reading me on the Boondoggle web site, you'll have to email me as usual... if you can't figure any of that out, the email address is (for Boondoggle readers, I know it's the same addy for blogger readers). I guess I'll take votes and input until, well, July 4th - what a day for free speech, while we have it, at least some semblance of it, eh, Herr Ashcroft? Heil, Bush.

If you're reading me... and I feel like I'm on a Ham-fucking-Radio in the thirties, "IF YOU'RE READING ME, this is dangerous and our country is in some serious shit!"... if you're reading me, you KNOW I'm not going to sit still when Junior insists on fucking up. Just can't do it, wouldn't be prudent. If you have a barrel full of fish, I have a thirty-eight. Just naw naw naw on political stuff ALL THE TIME, that's what I'm Sayin...

BTW, I've got a date to be in Denver at Eck's Saloon on the 29th, this Tuesday. If you see me there, you can weigh into me with your vote. In fact, just see me there, the girl and the boys will be happy you did.


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