Friday, October 01, 2004

Rollin' Back Into Town

...and thinking about my unofficial "Bumper Sticker Poll".

Listening to Ed Schultz on Air America (AM 740) and grinning like an Ex-head at the slam-dunk by Kerry at last night's debate. Rollin' baby... Anyway, listening to Ed and his callers, talking to friends on the phone, I get the sense of a HUGE boost for Kerry, a sense that something VERY COOL happened last night as Bush rolled his eyes and stammered his way through a first class bitch-slap.

Heading south from Denver back into El Paso county, again I tallied bumper stickers - 7 to 1, folks and in favor of John. I can imagine that after last night's ass kicking, a lot of "W '04" stickers got scraped off of cars but as I said, in probably the most republican county in the country, there's no way I should count one Dubya-oh-four sticker for every SEVEN Kerry stickers, it's just mindboggling. The "other polls" (and everyone should just ignore Gallup as completely irrelevant) are from the ozone, just plain wrong.

You just have to smile when you watch the black hats blasted; it's about time - there's a new sheriff in town.


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