Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pens At Ready

Andrea over at Shameless Agitator asked me to help out (which I did) by writing to The Newark Advocate about local cops giving a free ride to vandals destroying Kerry signs. The gist of what she said (the entire story is in the comments for my post here) is:
Today when I arrived at the Kerry office, I learned that police actually caught two teenagers in the act of stealing Kerry signs. The police filed a report but no arrests were made.

I don't think that anything is going to come of this. I don't think the thieves will be charged with anything. The local government is full of Republicans.

Shouldn't every person be held accountable for their actions? Should Republicans get away with doing whatever they want with no fear of punishment? Are Republicans above the law?

They shouldn't be above the law but as we move closer to election day we see more and more how Republicans are not only above the law - and the constitution - but also how they'll use the law to destroy democracy.

Let the good people of Newark know their cops need to apply the law to all parties.


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