Saturday, October 16, 2004

Republican Dirty Tricks Update

RE: Clogging get-out-the-vote phone banks investigation in New Hampshire that I wrote about yesterday:

Reich Minister Asscrack plays hide-the-sausage with the investigation:
The U.S. Justice Department will ask a judge as soon as today to stay depositions that Democrats had scheduled yesterday and today in their civil lawsuit against the GOP in connection with the scheme launched in the 2002 New Hampshire election.

"These depositions, if they took place at this particular time, would interfere with our criminal investigation," said Bryan Sierra, a spokesman for the justice department.

Decrying last minute "interference" by federal officials, Democrats in court filings yesterday identified the alleged co-conspirator as Jim Tobin, director of the 2004 New England regional Bush-Cheney campaign.

Free speech? Fair voting? Prosecuting GOP operatives? Not in Bush's Amurka...


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