Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Not Holding My Breath Helps Me Breathe Freely

Watching Lisa BarbieDoll and... uh, the other Barbie Doll on MSNBC doing their bubbleheaded best to look stunning while attempting to maintain a modicum of journalistic legitimacy (heh), not holding my breath about the shitstorm-that-isn't-but-should-be regarding voter registration fraud and... oh, they mention it... or rather, they run a story on a voter registration scandle here in Colorado dealing with ACORN workers but nothing about Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, et cetera, doo dah.

As I said yesterday, MSNBC is invested in insulting our intelligence. Huge stories all over the country, all dealing with Republicans (and some implicating the Republican National Committee and they go with the ONE story not dealing with Republican operatives. Thanks MSNBC, for verifying my dismal appraisal of your integrity...

-- Sideline --

I did a search on ACORN (I know who they are, just wanted a little more background for this) and found this on the "United Business Media" website (obviously UBM isn't putting much money into web development) where they report,
The Employment Policies Institute has updated and re-released its report, "The Real ACORN: Anti-Employee, Anti-Union, Big Business"...

*Double take* - how is it possible to be "Anti-Employee" and "Anti-Union"? Or "Anti-Union" and "Anti-Big Business"? I'm no fan of ACORN (I object how they recruit students for shit wages) but I doubt their nihilists, which this nonsense implies.

Thus, we can assume that George Orwell is alive and well and writing editorial content for MSNBC as well as The Employment Policies Institute.


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