Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dumbfuck Frat Boys For Bush

Tweety's little show is being beamed live from Tempe, AZ just as it was done last week from Washington University. And like last week, the ratio of Kerry signs to Bush signs is easily 20 - 1. And like last week, the MSNBC drones had to go out into the audience to find Bush supporters sober enough to talk on national television.

Despite the field of Kerry signs sparsely spotted by the infrequent Bush sign blemish here and there, Tweety and Co has the front line packed 50/50. We, the viewing public, need a little spice to go along with the blatant insult to our intelligence. I mean, for Christ's sake, everytime they go to commercial break the whole fucking crowd is chanting "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry...".

It all comes out in the wash. Ergo, the prime examples of collegiate Bush supporters look like the kind of student that Bush was when he was pissing away daddy's hardly-earned money at Yale. Maybe that's why they support him - they identify with a fellow academic underachiever. Lacking the intellect or vision to understand what's best for the country, they pull for the party animal. Dumbfuck frat boys for Bush; the fact that it doesn't speak VOLUMES to our worthless electronic media says plenty about how worthless that media really is.

With the blatant dishonesty that the Bush administration has indulged in for the last three-plus years (and especially the last three weeks) it's obvious that Bu$hCo has "stupidity appeal". Since, by definition, half the population has below average intelligence, Bush is working with a large base. How do you tell a Bush voter? You can smell peanuts on their breath.


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