Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Colorado Republicans For Kerry

I caught this, interestingly enough in The Rocky Mountain News, a paper that recently endorsed Bush for President:
A number of lifelong Republicans gathered at Kerry-Edwards headquarters in Denver on Monday to endorse Democrats this year.

Members of the group said they had soured for various reasons on President Bush's policies and would not support his re-election.

Just another reason I believe Kerry is going to win and win big. You just don't hear about many democrats saying they'll support Bush (except for Zell Miller and no one really pays attention to him after his meltdown at the RNC). Try as CNN and MSNBC might to make the election look like a done-deal for Bush, they're not carrying any stories about how democrats are voting for Bush this year and the reason is, it just isn't happening. But I've heard all kinds of stories about how Republicans are dumping Bush, from all over the country... and in my own backyard.

Two stories: I was in a bar here in Colorado Springs and some guy stepped up next to me, pointed to my Kerry/Edwards button and said, "They get my vote this time and I'm a Republican."
"Right on," I replied, glad there wasn't going to be a shouting match or fistfight (this is, afterall, Colorado Springs).
"Bush has screwed the economy and Iraq's a mess. I voted for that idiot in 2000 and I wish I hadn't. He's lost my vote."
I was going to ask him if he'd volunteer to phone bank or something but I just let well enough alone.

Then, back around Labor Day, I was approached by an elderly gentleman from Arizona while I stood out in my front yard. He saw the Kerry signs and I guess felt he needed to talk to a kindred spirit. He told me that at his retirement community he was one of four democrats out of about 500 residents. But, he said, many of the republicans he'd talked to were not voting for Bush and many were voting for Kerry. According to him, many of the republicans he'd talked to at his retirement home felt that George Bush wasn't doing what was right for America.

You just don't hear these stories about democrats for Bush. I haven't heard anyone saying they'd voted for Gore in 2000 but now they're voting for Bush. I haven't heard it because those people don't exist. No one who voted for Gore in 2000 is going to vote for Bush. Plenty who voted for Bush in 2000 are voting for Kerry or at least are not going to vote for Bush.

Just another reason why Kerry is going to win next week.


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