Sunday, July 11, 2004

Wrapping Up This Summer

Some new readers contacted me this week, a welcome is in order for them. Danielle, with the intoxicating smile, hellooooo. Tandy (of the extremely intriguing emails), I'm going to address one of the issues you raised in an early email, so just wait. Travis, the local anarchist agitator, we're going to hit on your stuff immediately. But first I want to deal with some feedback from an old acquaintance, Scott.

Scott tells me that he and his wife are planning to drive to New York City at the end of the summer to protest the the Rethug convention Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 and he invites all of us to make that road trip with him.

I think that would be cool (although I wouldn't be taking my kids for THAT). For THAT I'd put on my blackbloc uniform and take a shot of tear gas. Hmmmm, maybe it's better that I do stay close to home. At least for now. I predict that Kerry/Edwards are going to blow Bush/Cheney out of the water, anyway. No need for my head getting smashed into Big Apple concrete when my money's on the winning horse (that was not a slam at Kerry's looks, I assure you).

Anyway, Scott, thanks for the invitation and I call on everyone who can to go to NYC and show Bu$hCo that we mean to kick his sorry ass to the curb.

In return, Scott & family, I invite you to the Anarchist Social Retreat 2004 August 19 - 22 in Del Norte, Colorado for what Travis describes as, "...a 3 day weekend of networking, relaxing and fun - all FREE!" It's also a kid-friendly event and I intend to take my brood. If you're interested in going, helping out, whatever, you can email Travis for more information or get involved on the discussion boards at or at where folks are getting all the details together.

Hang out in the San Juans at the end of August with some anarchists... what else could you ask of summer?

Now to address something Tandy said about blogs being an exercise in self-revelation. I have to admit that I've been entertaining the idea of making this thing a bit more personal, a little less political. I asked you all for input in my entry So This Is What You Get but nobody weighed in with any advice; not a soul. Now I know a few people are reading this even if they're not commenting. So I think I'm going to get experimental on your ass, see where that goes. I haven't been blogging much of late mostly because I've been working on my writing. That's what I'd like to share here, keep my damned opinions to myself.

We'll give it a month, k?


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