Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not catching up, not keeping up

In my blogging experience (since the halcyon days of 2002), it's sometimes Feast or Famine. I returned yesterday from self-imposed famine in Longmont only to find I had nothing to say. Today, there's too much to say and so I'll try and fit it all in.

Although the latest poll has Bill Ritter up by 5 points, the race is far from a slam dunk for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter.

ProgressNowAction has put up a wonderful site - BothWaysBob.org - illustrating what a wretched liar the Republicans are backing for governor.

News on another local race: Jay Fawcett (CO CD-5) picked up an endorsement from yet another US miltary general, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Henry H. (Hugh) Shelton.

Jay's exemplary military record makes him a strong candidate in a heavilly red district. It's an uphill battle even though none of the candidates facing the primary are very strong. A Fawcett victory would be a minor miracle and a huge boost for the Democratic party.

More on this later....


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