Friday, June 16, 2006

Joel Hefley goes for big corporate cock

The matter of Net Neutrality should be a no brainer - they have enough pipe to keep us phat for a long damn time. The jist of this is who is a corporate whore.

Obviously, Joel Hefley (who voted against Net Neutralty) is a corporate whore; he voted AGAINST Net Nuetralty. Give him a call and say he's a shill:

Congressman Joel Hefley
Phone: 202-225-4422

Then, call these guys and let them know that if they vote against Net Nuetrality, you'll put bags of dogshit on their porch, light it on fire, ring the bell and run like hell;

Senator Wayne Allard
Phone: 202-224-5941

Senator Ken Salazar
Phone: 202-224-5852

Get busy - CALL; our freedom depends on it.


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