Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everything you know is WRONG!!!

So, you thought this was a blog about national politics?

I started this little blog back in 2003, have given up on it several times. Obviously, I can't let it die. However, I want to change the emphasis again and try and focus on the local political scene, advocate for local liberal candidates, work for change here at home. It's my firm belief that change on a national and global level begins with our own backyard.

What I learned from Yearly Kos (no, I wasn't there but I followed the party closely) is that local blogs are going to create a blue US map. There are thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of liberal blogs but this is the only blog for my congressional district.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up pretending I know what I'm talking about on national issues - with the GOP today, the jokes write themselves. It also doesn't mean that I'll ignore races outside of my own district; I'd love to see Angie Paccione defeat the odious Marilyn Musgrave, Bill Winter take the racist Tom Tancredo's seat, and I urge readers in those districts to donate time and money to get Paccione and Winter elected. If we decide that 2006 will turn Colorado blue, we can make it happen.

You local Coloradans can also help me by dropping me a line (I'll check my email more often than the comments) and giving me a heads-up on any news or issues pertinent to Colorado voters.

Welcome to my new blog; let's take our state and country back!


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