Thursday, June 22, 2006

Call Allard and ask him, "WTF were you thinking?!?"

One would think Wayne Allard (whose constituency includes one of the largest US Army bases in the country, NORAD, the Air Force Academy, and several other military bases) would have voted soundly against the "amnesty for insurgents" bill that was soundly defeated in the US Seanate Tuesday. Then again, Allard is a lame-duck and not seeking re-election, so I suppose he believes it doesn't matter how he votes.

Any service person in this area who meets Allard should spit in Allard's sorry face, the way Allard spit on the grave of heroes. Furthermore, El Paso county Dems need to make some noise regarding this vote and use it as a heavy cudgel on whomever Colorado Republicans pick to succeed sorry-ass Allard. As Digby says (and you need to read the entire post):
We should... ram it down the Republican party's throats. Here we had a day when two poor American schmucks were just found tortured and killed. We have no moral authority left with which to even condemn the torture --- after all, we've made torture cool again. And yet 19 Republican senators voted for amnesty for their killers. I ask you to contemplate what the Republicans would do to us if the shoe were reversed --- regardless of the merits. You don't have to think very long do you?

Politically, this should have been Dubai all over again, a media firestorm, forcing the Republican rank and file to see what was being done in their name. Rove is going to run on the patriot card again, calling us cowards for wantin' to cun 'n run, and here they are proposing to forgive the killers of 2500 Americans while we still have 140,000 more of them sitting over there like sitting ducks for no good reason. We should hang this around the Republican Party's neck and light it afire.

On the post is a very angry letter from a soldier in Iraq (one I hope is based out of Ft. Carson) and it spells out trenchantly just one more example of how BushCo has mismanaged this war.


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