Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Check this out while I tidy up

Over in the DKos diaries, Bonddad has a brilliant rebuttal to a RedState.org post rationalizing the fiscal madness of the Bush administration. Imagine a conservative justifying these kinds of deficits in a liberal administration (or don't, lest you're dying to have your head explode).

One thing Bonddad doesn't address is, if running up deficits is indeed a brilliant fiscal strategy, why do the Bushies keep paying lip service to a balanced budget (i.e. "Oh we project a balanced budget, um, sometime in the future...")?

Trusty Getto emailed me a fine critique of my "rules" and I am going to consider his recommendations and make a few revisions. He doesn't think I should apply pure logic to the discourse and his point is well taken. However, when fallacies arise, they will be duly noted (and you're forewarned that there are a couple of fine logicians lurking hereabouts).

I have to put in some bullshit administrative/office hours today and revising "the rules" might be a fine way to kill some time. If anyone else has suggestions, please email them to me (instead of using the comments). I still think arguments put forth here should be judged on their soundness and validity but I concur with Trusty that they shouldn't be narrowly critiqued through a lens of pure logic.

A work in progress...


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