Saturday, August 20, 2005


Although I'm not particularly enamoured with the "politics of the center" (especially as it's described by some Democrats), there is something to be said for its potency. For better or worse, it's how most Americans vote.

"Blowback" is a phenomenon that is not unique to American politics but is certainly characteristic of our system. Things move to far to the left and the voters are easilly swayed towards the right. Sure, the organization and effectiveness of the right-wing noise machine during the past two decades had an undue influence (especially in the erosion of worker's rights and the primacy of the corporation) but the sentiment that was played on was an unsettling disturbance of heartland values.

Clinton didn't help when he lied about Monica. Although the entire affair was trifling at best, it still perpetuated a perception that Democrats were corrupt after years of ethical problems within the Democratic party. God knows I was no fan of Clinton but oh how I wish he had been honest about what went down with Monica.

What resulted was less "blowback" and more a hard snap to the right - and the country suffered, continues to suffer.

Fortunately, I see the blowback shifting back to the left. If the Dems can't (or won't) take advantage of this, maybe it's time for a strong third party of true progressives. The inertia is with us. The SCLM is beginning to see the entertainment value in the problems of Rove, De Lay, Taft, et al and Dems need to shout louder, jump higher.

Read the polls and fuck conventional wisdom because the tables can be turned in 2006 with some effort and righteous indignation.


Yes, I "blew back". Too much politics on my Daddy blog so I decided to revive this thing. We'll see how it goes.


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