Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why Don't We Have a Frank Luntz?

Because, gawdamighty we don't want him. Let me put it this way: I'm not dedicated to "liberal" or "progressive" values so much as the Truth - although those values tend to reflect my own, due to their foundation in Truth. I'm not enamoured with the Democratic Party (I'm a registered independent) but I find their platform more in line with my own values, certainly more than the GOP.

Thanks to a heads-up by Kos, the text of Luntz's GOP playbook is available online and it's a revealing document. It's a testament to the GOP's commitment to spin over Truth, the retention of power over the recognition of reality, and furthering corporate interests at the expense of average Americans.

Shorter "Republican Playbook": "9/11 changed everything. Sure, you've been unemployed for over a year but at least you're not a victim of terrorism. Those same terrorists don't want you to privatize your Social Security account."

See also: Oceania v. Europa, Victory Gin.


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