Monday, March 07, 2005


Having stepped away from this for almost a month, I was amazed I kept getting traffic. Not just some traffic but a lot of traffic. That's not to toot my own horn but to express my own amazement.

There are so many political blogs, I just felt I was not adding anything to the discourse but recent comments have made me re-think that. When I quit writing here, it was just as the Gannon/Guckert story was really heating up and it appeared to me that so many other blogs were doing a better job than me. Not that I felt intimidated, just redundant.

Believe me, the urge to write here has been strong (my normally apolitical single-dad blog has picked up some of that slack) but I was unsure of what my place in the left blogosphere should be. A couple months back I thought to tackle logical inconsistencies in conservative "thought" but it occured to me that conservatives aren't concerned with logic. No converts were going to be made by pointing out syllogistic flaws.

I thought about using this site to do something creative (not tipping my hand with that) but I realize there is a place for this blog.

So, I'm back.


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