Monday, March 21, 2005

"Quorum? We Don't No Steenk-ing Quorum!!!"

I know a little Robert's Rules of Order but little about US constitutional law. So I ask, how does this happen?
The Senate approved the measure on an unchallenged voice vote during a rare Palm Sunday session that came amid charges of cynical political maneuvering. Only three members were on the floor and the bill's prime sponsor, Republican Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, served as presiding officer.

If I was a congressman or a senator could I break into the chambers and just make shit up?
"Beets are the national vegetable"
"Lord Vadar rules the empire with the dark force"

I still don't get why no one finds this is a dodge by Tom DeLay to get out of ethics charges. As I said in the last post, grasping at straws in order to divert attention from DeLay's problems.


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