Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Need. To. Update. Mooooooooooooore.....

Problem is, no recent news stories have really twisted my nipples. Wolfowitz is Bush's choice for World Bank president. Whatever. Considering the spectacular success Bush had in the private sector, everyone was expecting him to make an enlightened choice? The Senate has a hard on for drilling in ANWR and we're just beginning to wonder if any of those crooks are drooling over the prospect of kick-backs?

It's not that I can't get excited about these issues (and the four-score and twenty others), it's that I'm sick of hearing the same tune played with only slightly different lyrics.

The Left remains on the defensive, reactive, letting the Right call the plays, rewrite the rules, determine where and when the game will be played. Which, of course, puts the Left in a dodgy position - and a losing one.

Same old tune again, this time from me: c'mon Dems, take the initiative, start calling the shots. Get on the winning side, for once.

Give me a reason to update more.


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