Sunday, March 20, 2005

Don't Look at the Man With His Hand in the Till, Look at the Woman in a Coma

Early last week, things were heating up for Tom DeLay, so much that members of his own party were beginning to turn their backs on him. Monday promised dark days ahead for Tom DeLay.

DeLay needed something to divert attention from his snowballing ethics problems and his savior was a comatose woman. When the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the feeding tube could be removed from Terri Schiavo, The Hammer moved quickly, front and center, leading the battle cry to save Terri Schiavo - and save his own sorry ass.

Like a herd of sheep, the GOP lined up behind DeLay in a great show of kissing Christian Right ass, hundreds of clowns pouring out of a tiny little car causing the American electorate to wonder how they all fit. They all fit because they had been politicizing the Schiavo case all week in the grand tradition of GOP whoring. And of course, the media bit. Forget about DeLay's legal woes, we have a goddamn media circus to stage.

Timing is everything in show business and especially, comedy. What the GOP fails to realize is that the Schiavo story is tragic. No one's laughing except the gooper twits who think they've got the mother of all red herrings on their hands. With just a little digging, blogs have uncovered the monumental hypocrisy of a party that has pushed through legislation forcing doctors to pull the plug on patients. More than that, they've completely missed which way the winds of popular support are blowing on this one (almost 90% of Americans say they would not want to be kept alive were they in Terry Schiavo's condition). I'd wager another poll would show most Americans don't believe the GOP has no prinicpled stance on this that it is merely politics.

Yes, merely politics but also a means by which DeLay is ducking the spotlight on his declining political fortunes. If the Democrats are smart, they'll let the smoke clear on the Schiavo case and revive the other patient on the table - the investigation of DeLay's brain-dead sense of ethics.


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