Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This Guy Gets It Right

Found this on the AARP site.
This administration's unprovoked attack on Social Security needs to be understood in this context. It is not a well-intentioned effort to solve a vexing policy dilemma. It is, instead, an important front in their ideological war on non-market solutions to any social problem. Quite simply, they don't care how well it works. They just don't like it because it doesn't fit into their worldview of corporate feudalism. That's the crux of it: THEY OPPOSE IT ON PRINCIPLE. Well, isn't that just jim-dadny? Their callous ideology, which has reduced us to a state of social regression, has no room in it for beneficial programs which help people and provide a safety net as they were intended to do.

Read the whole thing, though. The author remembers when progressive politics were the norm and this country was sitting pretty.


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