Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snark On the Mark

Jesse at Pandagon gives us this trenchant shorter Republican African-American strategy, The Conservative Message To Black Americans:
  1. You will die early. Rather than do anything about it, let's end a program tremendously helpful to you in general (partially because we also don't care about higher poverty rates, higher infant mortality rates, or higher concentrations of minority in high-risk jobs and high-crime areas) so that you don't have to suffer the indignity of not getting as much Social Security as healthier, richer white people.

  2. You are slaves on a liberal plantation. The entire body of civil rights laws in America was improperly enacted and is an affront to "states' rights". Vote Republican!

  3. Rather than deal with the issues that actually impact your lives, we're going to try to unify you around resentment of gay people. Progress!

  4. One of our major supporters, and a guy who runs one of the preeminent conservative newspapers in America, is trying to get your churches to remove their crosses and put up his cult symbols. Your Christian faith demands you be Republicans - and if that doesn't work, you're about to be a member of a cult that is part and parcel of our party anyway, so join the party!

  5. Uh, we know black people. You're black. If you don't support them, you're a white liberal racist elitist.

Snark factor aside, what's just as insidious is the media's collusion in all of this. Points #1 and #3 have been parroted uncritically on the Sunday Talk Shows as if transmitting administration talking points is a patriotic duty that supercedes journalistic integrity.

If you're African-American you should be shirt-ripping pissed, not so much at the GOP (that resentment should come as easy as breathing) but at how the SCLM has refused to do their job.


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