Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If You Haven't Called Ken Salazar Yet...


Senator Ken Salazar: 202-224-5852

I just came from Daily Kos and read:
At a private luncheon Tuesday, freshman Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.), who is Hispanic, defended Gonzales to Democratic colleagues. Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), the minority leader, said a "low" forecast was that 25 or 30 Democrats would vote against Gonzales, but it appeared yesterday Gonzales was in danger of receiving even more than the 42 "no" votes John D. Ashcroft got in 2001, the most opposition ever to a nominee to head the Justice Department.

In a tacit acknowledgment of the hostility his nomination has provoked, Gonzales reopened discussions yesterday about meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus after earlier resisting such a meeting. The group has declined to endorse Gonzales, sending a letter to Senate leaders last week saying that Gonzales's office had informed the caucus it would "have to wait until after he was confirmed as attorney general before being granted a meeting." As of last night, a meeting had not been scheduled. In contrast to the Rice confirmation, in which a majority of Democrats voted in favor, the opposition party appeared almost entirely unified against Gonzales.

Dammit, I spent a lot of time last summer and fall working to get this guy into office, arranging babysitters for my kids so I could (as I believed then) fight the good fight. And now I'm feeling betrayed. Salazar needs to know that just because Gonzales is hispanic, that is not sufficient qualification to excuse his support for torture.

Don't do anything else today until you've made the call to let Salazar know he won't see a second term if he supports Gonzales.

UPDATE: If you're not convinced of the importance of this go read this DKos Diary regarding a letter by Ted Kennedy ennumerating Gonzales' inability to take ownership for supporting torture.


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