Friday, February 04, 2005

Idiots AND Cowards

Really, this is too easy. Who doesn't love it when Conservatives do your work for you?

Checking the comments from my previous post, I came across this little gem:
Have you considered the possibility that your challenge hasn't been answered because no one considers you important enough to bother responding to?
Anonymous | 02.04.05 - 10:06 am |

First we notice that "Anonymous" is, well, anonymous; this person obviously lacks the courage to post a comment and an identity. Someone's skeeeeered. Anyway, we'll call this chicken-shit commenter 'A' as we use A's words to illustrate the premise of my previous post.

Next we notice 'A' hasn't really provided a rebuttal or counter-argument to my post but merely indulged in ad hominem games. "Maybe no one responds because you're not important enough," is the kind of thing my three-year old plays with her two-year old brother. When my three-year old does stuff like that, she gets a time-out. Nonetheless, I'll answer A's tiny-minded claim by pointing out that Conservatives have countered countless other claims in this blog so apparently I'm important enough to warrant a response.

However, had A any intellectual integrity or maturity, A would have risen to the challenge. Ah, but that assumes A has integrity and the means to answer my query. Lacking any substance, A posts an unsubstantiated claim and runs under the cover of anonymity.

A cannot (nor can any other Conservative, apparently) provide me with an example when tax cuts have resulted in long-term economic benefit because no precedent exists. I confess that there's a certain amount of snark-factor in my challenge because I know it's a bet that I'll certainly win but to my credit, there exists a certain amount of intellectual curiosity. I asked to be taught a lesson and no one on the right seems to be prepared to teach me.

Thus, one can conclude that the right's unnatural affection for tax cuts is symptomatic of greedy self-interest. There is no substantiated theory or higher principle that guides their aversion to taxation, it is puerile self-centeredness, "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Thank you, A, for providing a "clue as to how simple-minded and infantile Conservative "thought" really is," Q.E.D., your service is duly noted and ridiculed.


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