Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How the Republican Healthcare Plan Works

Note: this was supposed to have posted yesterday, before the SOTU but blogger was acting up. Don't know if anyone else had these problems but... anyway, here it is.

When Bush talks about an "Ownership Society", I wonder if he's including taking ownership for his own inveterate stupidity?

Skippy brought this to my attention, an article in today's LA Times with excellent commentary from The Talent Show:
So, let's sum up the GOP plan for medical overhaul that will be part of this "ownership society".

First, they want to encourage employers to dump you from your existing insurance plan (and if you read the rest of the article, if doesn't sound like they need much convincing).

Second, they want to force you into an expensive insurance plan that will only cover "catastrophic" medical procedures.

Third, on top of the higher cost of your insurance policy, they want you start saving up any extra cash that you probably don't have lying around.

Finally, the whole point here is to ease the financial burden on your employer, make you pay more for less coverage, and encourage you to seek medical help as rarely as possible.

Make those your talking points.


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