Tuesday, February 01, 2005

For All of Us Colorado Voters

I posted this up on the Colorado Springs DFA blog but it bears re-posting here.

Call Senators Allard, Salazar to Vote "No" On Gonzales

Senator Wayne Allard: 202-224-5941
Senator Ken Salazar: 202-224-5852

Let them know we, as US citizens, do not support torture and cannot in good conscience, support an AG nominee who condones torture.

I reached a receptionist at Allard's office and let her know that, as a constituent, I would not support Sen. Allard on a "yes" vote for Gonzales. Sen. Salazar's office phone rang into a message system and so I just left a message that I'd not only voted for Ken Salazar but I worked the phones and canvassed for the Salazar campaign but I would not be so inclined to support Sen. Salazar if he, by implication of his vote, condoned torture.

Don't do anything else until you've made your calls.


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