Monday, January 24, 2005

Republican Lawmakers to Attend KKK Meeting

Ever since I was an undergraduate, I've wondered if there are evolved minds as opposed to minds that are mired in some proto-human form, stunted by prejudice and an inability to think analytically. In the 21st Century one would imagine that racism would be as dead as Spiro Agnew but apparently not.

OK, I overstated the "KKK Meeting" thing but via Atrios we learn that
Some Mississippi lawmakers are scheduled to speak Thursday to the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls "a patently white supremacist group."

Having gone to the CCC website, I was appalled at what kind of proto-human "thought" (I'm loathe to call it "thought" since what they espouse appears to arise from the cerebellum) is presented there. The usual incoherent nazi-thug-skinhead drivel one would expect from un-evolved minds.

The fact that elected representatives would attend a cross-burning meeting like this is further evidence of Red State knuckle-dragging. Ever since I've ranted about Republicans (and BushCo) playing the race card in the south, several Republican friends have argued, "Not all Rebulicans are racist." Well, I agree with that and I have been guilty of generalizations, in my ire. No, not all - just most - and that's bad enough.

Maybe David Chalmer's new site will weigh in on the subject of evolved minds... Michel Foucault did but that was mere conjecture...


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