Thursday, January 27, 2005

My "WTF?!?" Quotient Goes Off the Charts

Clicking between my Hotmail accounts, I noticed that NBC ran some Katie Couric special on teen sex, giving me yet another reason not to turn on my television.

Unfortunately for Skippy and his missus, they watched the "special" and Skippy reports that:
...the very second question that katie asked her little group of 14 year olds about how sex affects their lives was...hold on to your seats, we kid you not...did Bill Clinton's affair influence you into having oral sex?

There's no reason to believe that Skippy is lying about this but I'm dizzy with disbelief. Not that I've ever given Ms. Couric credit for more than a cap full of functioning neurons but trying to blame teen sex on the Clenis - what, SEVEN YEARS after the fact? - and one would have to assume that Katie would be declared braindead in almost any municipality.

My resolve in cutting out mainstream media grows stronger everyday. Katie bar the door, the level of stupidity at NBC is at critical mass.


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