Monday, January 24, 2005

Co-Sponsor the Senate Democrat's Opposition Agenda. GO!

I'm not taking a bit of credit for this since it's coming almost verbatim from Manyoso's diary on Daily Kos. Everything following is from the diary:

Senator Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats have just released their opposition agenda and you have the opportunity to become a citizen co-sponsor.

The agenda looks very good as it includes specific Senate Bills that the Democrats will introduce to the full Senate. The Bills cover a comprehensive set of issues including major reforms in our approaches to the military, trade, medicare, education, health care, and election reform. Other targeted issues include terrorism, veterans issues, deficit reduction, and abortion prevention.

These Bills will be reconciled with the House Democrats and will hopefully spur action on a Democratic parallel to the Republican's infamous Contract with America. I've created a quick bulleted summary of the Bills below. I really hope whoever is responsible for the webpage description of these Bills will take a look at it. Whoever drew up the descriptions was waayyyy to verbose. These need to be presented as no-nonsense, serious policy proposals. I'd like to see them present it as a resume to the American people of what we intend to do.

Senate Bill 11: Standing With Our Troops.

Senate Bill 12: Targeting the Terrorists More Effectively.

Senate Bill 13: Fulfilling Our Duty to America’s Veterans.

Senate Bill 14: Expanding Economic Opportunity.

Senate Bill 15: Quality Education for All.
Senate Bill 16: Making Health Care More Affordable.
Senate Bill 17: Democracy Begins at Home.
Senate Bill 18: Meeting Our Responsibility to Medicare Beneficiaries.
Senate Bill 19: Fiscal Responsibility for a Sound Future.
Senate Bill 20: Putting Prevention First.
In my estimation, this is pretty damn encouraging. I really hope this means we're actually going to have a functioning opposition party. Let's play some offense!

Make sure you take the time to co-sponsor this agenda and don't miss Steve Soto's breakdown of the bills.

Maxspeak, You Listen! has the actual word documents being circulated. Here are the MS Word documents on election reform, fiscal policy, veterans, economic policy, Medicare, education, reproductive rights, health care, supporting the troops, terrorism, and "Keeping America's Promise." Also, I just called Reid's office and they said the actual text of the Bills is not available yet as they haven't introduced them.



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