Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Christian Groups Attempt To Blackmail Bush On Social Security

Talk about an empty threat.

In today's NYT I read that
A coalition of major conservative Christian groups is threatening to withhold support for President Bush's plans to remake Social Security unless Mr. Bush vigorously champions a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Good, let em' start firing since it appears their front line has taken on a circular design.

What Falwell, Robertson and the rest of the Holy High Rollers set fails to realize is that their influence only extends so far with the flocks they fleece. The vast majority of the faithful aren't the gilded automatons who pick up the check for the pleasure of having lunch with preacher, they're the little people who are doing well if they're actually tithing. And although they'll gladly pay a little extra to ban gay marriage, they're not too sure about giving up their social security checks just because a Falwell says it's the godly thing to do.

Trace the circle one-eighty and you'll find Republican lawmakers who know they don't have the support for a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage. If Conservative Christian leaders are displaying vast ignorance regarding their constituency, they're showing themselves to be completely in the dark regarding constitutional law. They think changing the constitution is no more complicated than turning in last year's limo for this year's model, that a constitutional amendment is no more complicated than breaking a C-note in the temple.

BushCo has no qualms with peddling superstition and fallacy but it has not had much luck selling the demise of social security. That the real purveyors of superstition, the charlatans of Conservative Christiandumb, won't toe the BushCo line without quid pro quo carries all the marks of a fine shootin' match.

Ready. Aim. Fire.


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