Saturday, December 04, 2004

Who Elected These Fuckwits?!?

Talk about chutzpah... Republican Rep. Don Young figures that since he has a big, oak-panelled office, the brain the size of Gummi Bear and the dick the size of roll of quarters, he has the authority to decide what is and is not valid science:
Republican Rep. Don Young, went so far as dismissing the major new report on Arctic climate change. He called it ammunition for fearmongers.

"My biggest concern is that people are going to use this so-called study to try to influence the way and standard of living that occurs within the United States," Young said.

"I don't believe it is our fault. That's an opinion," Young said. "It's as sound as any scientist's."

The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was commissioned by the Arctic Council, an international commission representing eight countries, including the United States, and six indigenous groups. About 300 scientists participated, with scientists from Alaska playing a major part.

"That's my opinion, it's as sound as any scientist's." Good god, isn't there some sort of vetting process for these shitheads so citizens are assured that their representative has at least a handful of firing neurons?

"Well, sure these egghead scientists SAY the earth is round but it sure looks flat to me!". I hope Alaskans are shaking their heads at the moment, saying, "Good lord, we've elected a RETARD!"


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