Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This Is the "Democracy" We're Importing to Iraq?

If or when we're hit by another terrorist attack, DHS can assure us it's not because they hadn't vetted all the 11-year old boys:
When the two plainclothes Loudoun County sheriff's investigators showed up on her Leesburg doorstep, Pamela Albaugh got nervous. But when they told her why they were there, she got angry: A complaint had been filed alleging that her 11-year old son had made "anti-American and violent" statements in school.

She was aware of an incident at Belmont Ridge Middle School in which her son, Yishai Asido, was assigned to write a letter to U.S. Marines and responded, according to his teacher, by saying, "I wish all Americans were dead and that American soldiers should die." Yishai and Albaugh deny that the boy wished his countrymen dead.

Why worry about Smallpox and nuclear devices when the real threat is apparently from wrist-rockets, BB guns, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards...


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