Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, Support Our Troops

In the silly and simple-minded canard of the rightards, not supporting the war is equivalent to not supporting the troops. It's difficult for me to conceive that some people are actually stupid enough to believe that but it's been spewed hit-and-run style in my comments by psuedo-patriotic Americans.

They're not patriotic Americans, they're Nationalists which is tantamount to fascism and so, completely un-American. Nitwit Nationalists without the intellectual wherewithall to comprehend that criticizing ill-considered foreign policy is actually more pro-American than blindly following the lies of crooks driven by self-interest while putting fellow Americans in harm's way.

I've challenged these anti-American types to back up their bile with actual facts but as you can see, none have the courage or intellect to do so. Deep in their hearts they know they hate America and believe that one day the America they hate will be destroyed for the sake of the fascist theocracy they wish for.

Merry Christmas, your wish won't come true.

In the meantime, I point you to an excellent DKos diary by ttagaris that shows just how much conservatives hate our troops. Cutting VA benefits for our troops is hardly a show of support. Oh, and by the way, the diary is nicely cited, so anyone can check the facts. Funny how us liberals are sticklers for facts and rightards run from facts. Rightards mainly indulge in ad hominem attacks and then cower when confronted with facts. It is 100% my experience the entire time I've blogged here. They call me a name and then run when asked to back up their shit with facts. Sad.

To everyone - Merry Christmas.


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