Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Meanwhile, In the Reality-Based Community...

The whole Curtis story sucked me in and I confess that I spent way too much time following the thread on DKos hoping to see if any new developments would crack.

Not much to report. I talked to a friend last night and she said, "This could be the next Watergate!"
"Yes, that's what I've been thinking..."
"BIGGER than Watergate! This blows a burglary out of the water!"
"We'll see..."

Obviously, my enthusisasm for the story had waned a bit. Not so much because a bit of skepticism had crept in (although there was some of that) but I was just... tired. Exhausted. The thought that the Curtis story could blow the lid off a story my gut had always told me was valid had me psyched up.

After four years of gritting my teeth and clenching my fists, only to learn that I had another four years of that, has me ready to knock something over - ANYTHING. Nothing would make me happier than to have hard evidence that the election was rigged so I would have sound rationale for smashing bobblehead dolls. As a therapist with a degree in Neuropsychology (and a strong background in Evolutionary Biology), I know the value of alleviating stress by busting stuff up.

Short of that, I'll direct you to some other developments around the blogosphere:

Josh Marshall has been carrying a good series on why Kerik is the wrong man for DHS on TPM.

Don over at Blah3 links to a story about a Fundie loudmouth who has gone to China to get fetal stem-cell implants.

The always informative Juan Cole keeps us abreast of the catastrophic... um, catastrophe in Iraq.

You can surf the rest... time to get my daughter to kindergarten.


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