Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kill Em' All and Let Lavasoft Sort Em' Out

This made me smile: adware companies developing software to root out and destroy programs from rival adware companies:
Adware cannibals feast on each other

Companies that use free software downloads to target Web surfers with annoying ads are turning on each other to keep customers--and the cash they generate--for themselves.

The tactic is in the spotlight in a little-noticed legal dispute unfolding in Seattle. Caribbean-based ad company Avenue Media last month accused New York-based DirectRevenue of using competing software to detect and delete Avenue Media's Internet Optimizer program from its customers' computers.

According to the Nov. 24 complaint, DirectRevenue's software detects Internet Optimizer and then sends a command to "kill" the program, a process that deletes its files from the PC registry and from the computer altogether. Avenue Media said DirectRevenue's tactics have caused it to lose about 1 million customers--about half its installed base--and as much as $10,000 a day in revenue.

I hope the swine cannibalizes each other into oblivion and then let the programmers have it out in a fight to the death. Then they can share a room in hell.


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