Sunday, December 12, 2004

It's a Good Thing We Don't Have Socialized Medicine.... Because?

If you want a straight answer, one out of three times you're going to get a bogus answer:
Medicare's toll-free telephone line, one of the main vehicles for disseminating information about new prescription drug benefits and drug discount cards, gives accurate answers less than two-thirds of the time, Congressional investigators say.

In a test of the service, the investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, found that 29 percent of callers received inaccurate answers, while 10 percent got no answers at all.

Last night I listened to some Ayn Rand-ite dipshit pontificate about how she didn't want to wait three months to get her teeth cleaned, like Canadians have to do. Whatever. You only need your teeth cleaned every six months, so shut up and besides, I don't see Canadians pouring over the border to take advantage of our nifty healthcare system. Much less to get their teeth cleaned.


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