Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Jeebus Orrin H. Christ on a goddamn popsickle stick, why is it that 30% of the time when I try and use Hotmail I get some silly-ass "Our servers are real busy right now so go fuck yourself" message? I mean it's Microfucking$oft for god's sake, you'd think they'd have servers being used as foot stools. And they have, what, a couple of old boxes serving all of hotmail?

And now I get either idiotic "This document contains no data" errors or "The connection was refused when attempting to contact" messages. WTF?

Hotmail started promising 250 MB of space on their accounts (up from the magnanimous 2 MB) "by late summer" and just finally delivered last month on my one account, YESTERDAY on my other account. That's timely, especially since Yahoo scooped you last spring with FOUR TIMES that ammount and G Mail scooped you in the summer with FOUR HUNDRED TIMES that amount. In the meantime, every week Hotmail spams me with a reminder of how great they are and then tries to sell me an "upgrade" for $20 because, of course I'm so thrilled with the service I figure giving them a twenty will let them know just how thrilled I am with a service that only connects 7 out of 10 times.

Should I assume that if I pony up I'll finally get the signature files to work? Should I assume that my $20 will buy me the ability to update my address book? Will my $20 pay for a spam filter that actually works?

Considering the e-voting machines ran off a Windows platform, no wonder the results were shit. Or hacked.


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