Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Here, There, and Everywhere

Good stuff, hither and yon. Or yawn. You decide...

Mike, our guy in Iraq who is not just doing the hard work but ALSO fighting the good fight, tells us about his out-processing on At Ease (his excellent from-the-front-lines blog) - he's coming home! Good job, Mike! Anyway, he's noticed that what he's seeing at the field hospital he was at that the numbers of US injured far out-strip the "official" DoD numbers. And Mike, buddy, I hate to tell ya' this but Rummy has more travel plans for ya'...

Random Fate wonders if the goopers might be in the midst of a cat fight; things are coming apart at the seams, it seems.

Pesky's Apostrophe is always - ALWAYS - a worthwhile (and entertaining) read, a daily visit from me because of what I just said AND Mac allus sends me good traffic...

The exquisite (and eternally FUN) Maria drunkenly slams the Rethug Sinophiles over at By Beauty Damned and passes on the egg rolls.

MajikThise asks for some feedback for a paper on intuitive epistemology, if you're interested in that kind of thing (I am).

Buck at Postcards From Nowhere does some random searches and finds out the web is pretty dull.

Mad Kane has a new poem, this one about the Kerik DHS nomination. Why wouldn't you check it out?

Issues with Blogger? Yeah, me too AND Susanne over at Susannity! and we're none-too-happy about it. However, I seem to have more issues when I blog out of Firefox than if I blog out of IE - anyone else?

Over at ThatColeredFellasWeblog, TCF calls Keith Olbermann out on journalistic integrity (RE: Madsen) and does it righteously. TCF has become my favorite stop-by lately because we're on the same page as far the Right's racial hypocricy.

Speaking of racism, Pinko Feminist Hellcat gives us a really fucked up story (via Prometheus 6) about why this country is in trouble (and takes the burden off of my shoulders so I can take a break from ranting about this country's racist horseshit, for once).

At Angry White Kid, Scott gives us a few examples of why the US is shaming itself in its bogus "War on Terror".

As if Ratboy 55 isn't scary enough, his post on Ratboy's Anvil about smallpox and, er, the goverment monkeying around with said virus is truly disturbing. Not for the weak-hearted (but if that's you're problem, why are you reading ME?!?!).

Feministe does what I've done but has done it much better. She also needs your vote on that Best Blog award thing, so give her your vote.

Finally, your cool-ass video of the day has been brought to you by Cyndy over at Mouse Musings and what's the use of surfing around if you don't get a cool-ass video out of it?

My faithful few know I have no trouble telling folks where to go. So I've gone and done it and even provided the links to make it go down eeeeeeeeee-zeeeeee...

Otherwise known as shamelessly fishing for traffic.


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