Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Having It Both Ways Is a Family Value?

One criticism I consistently level against conservatives is that when they whine, their whine is usually a function of wanting it both ways, i.e. "You liberals can't say this but we can because when we say it, it makes total sense." Of course it only makes total sense if you're oxygen deprived and maybe that's the conservative's problem - it would certainly explain why they're so hot to gut EPA regulations.

Case in point: Josh points out at TPM that some conservatives are claiming that "Sen. Harry Reid must be a racist because he said on Meet The Press that he would consider voting for Justice Scalia for Chief Justice but not Justice Thomas since the latter had been an "embarrassment" as a member of the court."

These are the folks who maintain that hiring based on racial preferrence rather than merit is wrong. So Reid states that Scalia is not nearly the boob that Thomas is and conservatives say Reid must be a racist. Uh, uh, uh... OK. Sounds like these conservatives are indulging in the most knee-jerk liberal argument around.

Having it both ways; who would have thought the Family Values people were anti-gay but firmly in support of bisexuality? Not me, homes.


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