Sunday, December 05, 2004

George Bush: Our Man in the Klan

In all the time I've been posting here (and during the two previous years posting on the Boondoggle site), no one has argued against my assertion that the GOP and specifically, the Bush administration, has a broad racist streak. Yeah, I've had hate mail for my anti-Iraq war statements, my anti-Evangelical Christian statements, even my anti-Big Media statements ("Wha?") but no one - NO ONE - has ever said, "You know, really, I don't think BushCo and the Republicans are really all that racist..."

Which tells me I'm probably right about all this or at least I'm not making far-fetched statements.

So it didn't surprise me today when I read that Bush was getting ready to dump the standing Civil Rights Commission chief because she was, um, doing her fucking job:
On Wednesday, Berry and Reynoso issued a stinging attack on Bush's civil rights record, saying "the spiraling demise of hope for social justice and healing has deepened over the past four years."

With all the Bushies jumping ship, you'd think he'd be falling all over himself to hold on to someone willing to keep her seat. Except, Mary Frances Berry hasn't exactly been a cheerleader for Bush and instead of parroting his bullshit, she's picked up her paycheck with integrity.


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