Sunday, December 05, 2004

Genocide or Capitulation

It's not just that we've made a complete mess of Iraq
U.N. special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said bluntly, "It is a mess in Iraq." Asked whether it was possible to hold elections under current conditions, Brahimi said, "If the circumstances stay as they are, I don't think so," according to a Reuters report on the article.
Although last month's offensive in Fallouja killed many insurgents, destroyed some of their weapons caches and eliminated the city as a haven, it also appeared to have speeded the spread of the insurgency to other cities, notably the northern city of Mosul, where there have been numerous attacks on Kurds and on Iraqi national guardsmen.

in our idiotic attempt to carry democracy to the middle-east - no wait, it turns out the US is NOT interested in bringing democracy to the middle-east
When Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and other senior American officials arrive at a summit meeting in Morocco next week that is intended to promote democracy across the Arab world, they have no plans to introduce any political initiatives to encourage democratic change.

Uh, why are we there?

It seems that, aside from forwarding the PNAC agenda, we're there merely to piss off Arabs and recruit millions for al-qaeda. In an interview yesterday with Michael Scheuer, author of "Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror," Scheuer's assessment was grim:
When asked if the United States could win the "war on terror," which was undertaken following the Sept. 11 attacks, Scheuer said: "No. It can't be won. We're going to eventually lose it. And the problem for us is that we're going to lose it much more quickly if we don't start killing more of the enemy."

Well, ain't that a fine kettle of fish? Either we kill almost every goddamn Arab on the planet of we lose the war on terror.

Seems to me that if the US had engaged in a real, honest-to-god war on terror instead of some lame-brained, misguided, and immoral adventure in Iraq, this situation would be a helluva' lot fucking better. Yet, because of the blood-thirsty baboon, instead of the US message being, "We're after terrorists, not muslims" it's become, "We're killing all you ragheads and then we'll let our Christian god sort ya' out." It appears that Ann Cuntler is indeed the spokesman (yes, spokesMAN) of the Bush administration.

I wonder how pleased the Red State rightards are with their vote now...


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