Monday, December 13, 2004

Because I Care...

...and because I have neither the energy to write not the creativity to come up with something decent, I submit to you these links for fellow bloggers who actually have something worthwhile to read. Considering every other blog today is KERIK KERIK KERIK and DEATH for Scott Peterson, I didn't feel like I had much to add today. Maybe tonight but unitl then, enjoy the links.

Roxanne over at Rox Populi asks us to come up with gift ideas for Dubya, Condi, Uncle Karl, Uncle Dick, and little Scooter... could be fun!

Mac at Pesky' Apostrophe has a new look AND argues with a Baptist about the true history of Christmas, sweeping aside the fairy tales for a little reason. Except it isn't the season for reason (it's more the mall parking lot demolition derby season) but why quibble? Indeed.

Susannity! and the very sweet Susanne tells us about an UGLY practice of putting "glue boards" up to trap and kill birds in the rafters of a store. I also agree that the inventor of said boards needs to get stuck on those things for awhile... or get a board upside the head (is my suggestion).

At Net Politik, Mick Arran (who also does the fine Arran's Alley) calls for the Electoral College to reject a second Bush presidency and who can't get behind THAT?

Jude at iddybud
says what needs to be said about Beinart's nit-wittery, that Dems need to hand the dead animal of Iraq back to Bush and be done with the fiasco, not get on board as Beinart would have us do and share the blame for the biggest military blunder in US history.

Random Toughts Kathy rolls up her sleeves and weighs in heavilly on the stupidity and hypocricy of Abstinence Only Sex-Ed cretins.

Simply Appalling gives liberals yet another reason to despise Hillary. Look, I'm BORED with the right demonizing this woman (it's not just passe, it's idiotic and always has been) butI've never been a fan of either of the Clintons.

Google fun (and loads of other fun) over at Biomes Blog...

Over at Jews Sans Frontieres, Levi has some interesting developments for us from that little island of paradise known as the middle east.

~A at Watching the Watchers has a good piece about religion in America, saying some things that I've been thinking that, those of us on the left who are not religious need to show a little tolerance for...

Pharyngula shudders and opines on the right's neverending hunt to eliminate all things not them.

At the Shameless Agitator, Andrea sees what I (and many others) see as far as the inevitability of another Bush lie coming to light, namely, the return of a military draft.

Righteously pissed off, Attaturk goes ballistic at Rising Hegemon.

Props to the Baby-faced Brigade: Gotta' help out Benjamin's sister on her research paper, folks. Benjamin Solah's Blog, bright kid and hope for the future. Also among the brigade is the left blogospher's new wunderkind Brad Plumer who lends his usual keen mind to the "what ails the left" discussion and although this discussion has gotten a little stale (IMHO), Brad does an excellent job of reheating it and giving it some dire flavor.

Another Brad (though slightly more grizzled), Brad DeLong reports on the other Bush failure (the economy) and the half-assed attempts by the administration to blow a little smoke across some mirrors...

Ezra at Pandagon gives us a nifty list of how well the Republicans have done - at disintegrating.

Jesus' General has a grand idea: to shore up flagging troop numbers in Iraq, get those who supported the war to volunteer. First on his list is Tom DeLay.

World O'Crap reminds us to thank the ACLU for giving us Chistian children to slap this Christmas, er, "Holiday Season".

Finally, as a bit of writer's frustration, I've wondered why no one has commented on my "Here There Be Boogeymen" post. I thought the piece was rhetorically sound and the logic pristine... *sigh*, it's weird how you put a lot of work into a post and it gets ignored while the off-the-cuff half-assed posts get gabbed up to no end.

The single dad blog calls... more here, tonight.


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