Monday, November 29, 2004

When 2 + 2 = 3

Since the American media latched onto the values lie after the election, a number of issues seem to have emerged, all of them absolutely worthless. When I say 'worthless' I mean that the issues lack merit and substance. We might as well be talking about the color of oxygen.

First of all, significantly more voters rated "moral values" as important in the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections - elections where Clinton came out as the winner. However, the US media doesn't report that fact. The US media has once again been thrown a rubber bone by the right and our media bobbleheads are chewing on it.

Secondly, and most significantly, without an operational definition, "moral values" is essentially meaningless. Does it mean hating gays? Giving tax cuts to the rich? Blindly supporting Bush? Ask the idiots who pose as pundits on our nooze channels what "moral values" means and I would bet the farm that you wouldn't get a definitive answer.

I can guarantee you that evangelical Christians don't know what the hell "moral values" means. In fact, they're so clueless, they require immoral Republicans to provide pastors with a cheat sheet. Considering that Christ was not too fond of the self-righteous or the rich, Evangelicals seem to have bought into the Protocols of the Elders of Baal.

Not having read the bible for a couple of decades, I'm not exactly up on the Gospels chapter and verse. For that, I refer you to a real-life minister, larryrant on DKos who does a superb job of showing just how wrong conservative "Christians" have gotten it. Yet, no matter how wrong they are - not just regarding their sorry-ass interpretation of the Gospels but in the extent of their "political capital" (which, by historical standards is pretty piss-poor - they continue to try and pressure the administration to pursue a non-existent mandate.

In the midst of all these worthless issues (which almost everyone has gotten wrong, wrong, wrong), I still read play-nice appeasers blogging "Oh, we needn't ridicule red state rednecks, we need to kiss their ass and remind them that liberals really have the keys to the land of lemon drops and ice cream dreams." Screw that. What needs to be done is to remind those crypto-fascist racists that their God doesn't like them for the phony-ass philosophies they feed into, point out the inconsistencies of their inane and simple-minded creeds.

Maybe it's not the Christian thing to do but it's the honest thing to do.


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