Friday, November 12, 2004

Tis' the Season

Oliver stopped by to defend his stance per my attack of him and other big bloggers in my previous post and we agreed to, um, agree. My point has been all along that the vote won't get overturned, it's not gonna happen. However, the fact that a perception exists equivocating the validity of the vote is an indication that the system needs to be overhauled. OW's point (echoing my own) is that the Democratic Party needs to make National Voting Standards a part of its platform.

That's what I said in my post. Everyone's flopping around looking for a solidifying issue for the Dems and pushing voter reform is it. Drop the "values" red herring, let the DNC figure out if it's going to take Dean/Rosenberg... make vote reform issue numero uno.

OK, numero dos after blocking Alberto Gonzalez's nomination as AG.

Anyway, is circulating a petition to get congress to investigate the vote. Sign it - why not?

Last year, before the election started heating up, not a day went by when I didn't see a petition for this or that. Seems like we're back at that. Media For Democracy has a petition for network execs that states:
I join other Media for Democracy members to call on mainstream news networks to restore integrity and balance to their war reporting by:

- diversifying your sources to include more independent, non-military experts;

- giving more airtime to Iraqi and Afghan voices;

- more thoroughly scrutinizing for accuracy White House and Pentagon claims;

- reporting on the full extent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq;

- offering balanced on-air analysis that includes more anti-war perspectives.

You can go and sign the petition here if you think those fuckwits will pay attention to anything other than your idea for a new reality show.

Now, if only someone could get a petition to get the Dems to make National Voting Standards the primary issue of their platform. *sigh*


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