Tuesday, November 30, 2004

So, I Hear Things Are Getting Better in Iraq...

King George and his flock of chickenhawks will no doubt assure us that matching the most deaths in a month since the war began is some kind of landmark:
The Department of Defense has identified 127 U.S. service members who died supporting U.S.-led operations in Iraq in November. At least eight more have died but remain unidentified, according to the military. The total of 135, which includes non-combat related deaths, matches April of this year for the deadliest month since fighting began in March 2003.

And since almost everyone in Iraq is calling for postponing the elections, this whole fiasco was started because... to get people killed? We know Bush lied about the initial reasons (War on Terror, WMD, imminent threat, yadda yadda...) so apparently he just wanted this war because he's a blood-thirsty little baboon.

Now if we could just figure out why we elected a blood-thirsty little baboon...


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