Monday, November 08, 2004

Playing the Game

It's nice to see Kos has gotten on board with me (whether he knows it or not) as far as calling the Dems to play the full-contact campaigning that the Republicans play so well.
Negative ads work. And Democrats will need to stop being afraid to wield them. The moralists in the GOP have no problem with going hard negative. Dems should stop crying when the other side goes negative, and instead make sure to be the FIRST to go negative.

"The moralists in the GOP" also know how to make the Dems jump by being on the offensive (or how to be offensive) on this one. Like I was saying the other day about the "values" issue, working in collusion with the media, the Republicans throw out a red-herring for the media to make into the 'issue du jour' - and the Dems choke on it, stumble around looking like utter morons while the Republicans sit back and smile, taunting, playing the Dems and the media until all the political capital is gone and it's time to toss a new red-herring.

No one asks what kind of "values" go into the lies and slander that the Republicans indluge in yet that's precisely the kind of question Dems need to be asking when broadsided by that kind of attack. Has anyone asked Ralph Reed how Jesus might have reacted by his innuendoes of John McCains "black baby", preying on the racism of his ignorant, southern base? No one is asking those questions, the DNC is wringing its hands and looking for a door, trying to figure out how to get a handle on the "values" issue.

What kind of "values" go into stealing our democracy?


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