Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My Shit Stinks

I wish I could blame Adelphia, my cable provider. Afterall, they bumped The Daily Show up to midnight because of "inappropriate" content. The cable went out yesterday and last night but it wasn't Adelphia's fault.

Some dude trimming branches disturbed a bee hive and when he quickly turned the bucket he was in away from the rampaging bees, he took several hundred feet of fiber optic cable with him. I live in Manitou Springs and I'm used to the cable going out. This is a little hippie town - a lot of dope smokers - and someone is always digging in the wrong place or shooting a squirrel off a transformer box or something. The cable goeas tits up and some burnout is standing there, staring, "Oh wow, maaaaaaan...."

To top that off, I'm not sure if it was a bad NIC card that added to my headache or a bad PCI controller (I suspect the latter, unfortunately) but I need a new comp. If I was a big shot like Atrios I could appeal to my faithful readers for a gift on Amazon but that ain't happening. So I'll just keep typing with my fingers crossed and hope I can get a new machine before I have a blackout.

Anyway, I had a great weekend and I would have hung out much longer if I could have pulled that off. But here I am and in some weird way, it's good to be back. Even if my shit stinks.


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