Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Light Election Day Blogging

Actually, it's been light the last couple of days as my energy has been thrown into GOTV efforts for Kerry and Salazar. Funny, as a registered "unaffiliated", I've spent quite a bit of time in the local Democratic Party Headquarters the past few months. What's important for me is to walk my talk which means, of course, less talk, more walk. I just stopped in after dropping my daughter off at school and I'm soon back to driving people to the polls.

My vision is that by 11 PM Mountain Standard Time "President John Kerry" will be on TV screens all across the country. From what I've been hearing (from the people I've driven to the polls so far) is the nooze channels are reporting Dems coming out to vote like gangbusters and Republicans are skittish. Keep it up, people. Give me a call if you need a ride, I'm more than happy to get you out to vote.

This is exciting. There is something special in the air that's signifying change, regular people taking our country back from a thug regime that had no respect for citizens or their constitution.

For almost four years I have been fighting this illegitimate President and it's heartening to know that the nightmare is over.


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